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About Us

Our parent company, Davis H. Elliot Company (Elliot), began work in 1946 as a one-crew distribution line contractor in Roanoke, VA. After 75 years, Elliot has built a reputation of Electrical Excellence throughout the industry. A reputation that is supported by a strong culture that follows the core values of Servant Leadership, Target Zero, and Human Performance.

In addition to electrical services, Elliot has since moved into other verticals including video production and event services with Studio46, managed IT and audio/video installation with 46Solutions, and now leadership development with

Meet Our Hosts

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Todd Layne


Todd Layne is the Director of Learning and Development at the Davis H. Elliot Company (Elliot), an electrical contractor based in Lexington, KY. Todd initially began a partnership with Elliot, in conjunction with the company he founded – Corporate CAREWorks of Kentucky, to provide care to employees who were experiencing difficult times.


Julie Dodson


Julie Dodson, MA, LMFT, is a 2020 addition to the CAREWorks team. She was trained in Relationship Enhancement ©, which has shaped her style of empathy to connect with people from a wide range of backgrounds and beliefs. She has provided care and counsel with adults, couples, families, adolescents, and children.


Dr. Mark R. LaBonde

M.Div  |  D.Min

Mark is married to Jan, has 2 grown children and two grandchildren. He joined Corporate CAREWorks of Kentucky as one of their consultants in 2007.  Before joining the staff at CAREWorks he served as an Ordained Minister at a large church in Fort Wayne Indiana as the Pastoral Care and Discipleship Director. 


Stephen Riley

M.Div  |  BCC

Stephen has over thirty years of experience in providing assistance to families, married couples, adults, and youth. His compassionate approach when offering emotional and relational support through coaching relationships has been effective in reducing personal stresses and stabilizing crises. Stephen joined the CAREWorks team in January of 2018.


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